Prebuilt sheds vs Scratch built sheds

Prebuilt sheds are the perfect solution to anyone who needs extra room for storage but does not want the hassle of having to build one from scratch. Not everyone is the do it yourself type with the careful, patient and steady hands of a carpenter nor do most have the required set of tools, let alone the time to build a shed from scratch. Do it yourself types will no doubt want to make their own sheds, but for the most of us will no doubt be more attracted to the convenience and ease of building a shed form a kit. After all its easy to find a variety of storage sheds for sale in the market.

Prebuilt sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as the materials which these are made form. Prebuilt sheds are often made out of plastic for easy assembly, but may also come in the form of steel and wood. These sheds consists of prefabricated panels along with every nut and bolt and any other part required for assembly, so you would have everything out of the box ready for assembly. Sometimes, even the tools needed to set it all up (like a small wrench) is even included. By the way, you need not worry about the tools needed for assembly since these are common household tools which you may readily find in your garage or toolbox, like a pair of pliers or a wrench. Scratch built sheds, on the other hand, require a myriad of tools and equipment and you will have to cut, saw and hammer every part of the shed yourself, not to mention buy all the parts at the hardware store. This would be an enjoyable task if you are a carpenter, but a horrible experience if you are not.

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Assembling a prebuilt shed from a kit is not a difficult task. There is an assembly manual which arrives with the kit, and the instructions are relatively easy to follow. Even if you have never assembled anything from a kit, the diagrams and step by step illustrations and instructions in the assembly manual will guarantee that you will not have any problems missing a bolt or a wall panel when putting up the shed. You may therefore put up the shed easily in a matter of a few hours. However, the panels for the roof and the walls in some plastic sheds are a bit heavy and more so with steel and wood prebuilt sheds. It is therefore advisable to keep an extra set of hands around when assembling the shed. Some effort is still required with shed assembly, but this worlds away from the difficulties you will encounter when building a shed from scratch. A prebuilt shed is assembled, while a scratch built shed is built from the ground up. The former anyone can do, the latter requires skill, patience, effort and hard work.

Now, even if you do decide that you want a scratch built shed and have a contactor build one for you, be ready to shell out a few more bucks and wait for more than a week or so before the shed is up and ready. At this point, you may have probably seen the advantages of buying a prebuilt shed. Anyway, in the end it all boils down to preference. If you have the time and the heart and soul of a do it yourself builder, build your own shed by all means. If you need a shed that is delivered right to your doorstep and ready for assembly in a day, then nothing beats a prebuilt shed.