metal sheds sale

metal sheds

metal sheds sale

Are you looking for storage sheds for sale?

Do you want to have a large space to fulfill your storage requirements with 10 x 8 size storage building?

Do you like Eggshell color and gambrel roof style?

If the answers are yes, considering Arrow Sheds Concord 10 x 8. It is one of the hottest storage sheds for sale at amazon online store.

metal sheds


Concord product series are made from metal sheds. As you may have know, metal sheds storage sheds provide you a low cost storage solution by comparison with vinyl sheds or wood sheds. You can keep your stuff stored and organized well while keeping your money in your pocket.

To control the rust of metal sheds and improve the durability, Concord sheds are baked on polyester enamel finish.

Roof Style

The roof style of Concord is gambrel. It’s found in Indonesia by western mariners and traders. Then it got adopted in Europe and America. With this style of roof, you can get additional storage capability in roof space.

Coupon and discount

The discounted price at BettyMills is normally 30%-40% lower than retail. You can check whether instant coupon is available to get further saving.

Price match guarantee

If you buy storage sheds at BettyMills, secure your money with their price match guarantee.


Foundation isnt included in the package. There’re 3 options you can choose to build you foundation:

Option 1: Arrow Floor Foundation Kit

(FB109-A or 68385-A)

To buy a floor foundation kit is the easiest way to get your foundation in place. Arrow expects 1-2 hours construction time by this way.

Option 2: Wood platform

Build you own foundation on wood platform. 6-7 hours may be required on average.

Option 3: Concrete Slab

It’s the most time consuming way. You need to wait about one week for concrete curing time.

For detailed steps, you can refer the owners manual.


Concord storage sheds must be anchored to prevent the damage from wind. You can build the anchor system on your own. But recommended way from Arrow Sheds is to use Arrow Anchor Kit. Therere two kits available:

AK4: Recommended for use with any suggested base.

AK100: Recommended for use with the concrete foundation.

Keep things organized

There’re several accessories you can choose to keep your items well organized. Select from them based on requirements.

Homework before assembly
Step1: Read the owners manual

Therere a bunch of helpful information in the owners manual. Do your homework and go through it.

Step 2: Select a good weather

Query the weather forecast to select a dry and calm day. Avoid assembling your storage shed under windy or rainy whether.

Step 3: Find partner(s)

Two or more people should get together to assemble your storage sheds. This will make the work much easier.

Step 4: Prepare tools and materials

Again, you can check Arrow Sheds Concord 10 x 8 owners manual to get the list of tools and materials.

Select and prepare your site

The idea location should be a level place with good drainage. The foundation should be in place and the anchoring system should be ready.


The detailed instructions can be found in owners manual. The assembly time varies depends on detailed people and condition. 1-2 days should be enough under most situations (2 people).